Sanctity of Human Life – Jan. 2017

Event details

  • Sunday | January 22, 2017
  • Your church
  • 770-889-8302

Sanctity of Human Life is typically celebrated the closest Sunday to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, but we celebrate it for the entire month.  During this time we gather together so churches can hear more about the issue of life and God’s heart about life; and our community can learn how they can become more engaged in protecting life in North Georgia.

How Can My Church Get Involved?

  • Invite a Speaker

    You’ll decide the length of time that is most appropriate for your needs.  The Whispering Hope speaker will share what the Sanctity of Human Life is, what Whispering Hope is and how to get involved.

  • Bulletin Insert

    We will provide an insert or a bulletin regarding the Sanctity of Human Life and Whispering Hope for distribution.

  • Show a Video

    We will provide a short video promoting the Sanctity of Human Life and Whispering Hope.

  • Special Offering

    We will provide donation envelopes for a special offering for Whispering Hope.

  • Table in Your Foyer

    We will provide a volunteer with marketing materials to answer questions for those interested in learning more.

Ready to get involved with Sanctity of Human Life?

Please contact us at 770-889-8302 for additional details.