Opportunities for Medical Professionals

Your training allows you to communicate effectively while providing medically accurate information and critical health services to women in crisis to help them choose life. Here you’ll experience tangible results that can be measured in lives saved and hearts changed.

Please contact Elise Goudy to learn more: 770-889-8302 or egoudy@whisperinghope.org

Medical Volunteers

Our pregnancy medical clinic is currently licensed through our medical director, John Hydrick, MD, a local OB/GYN with Maternal Gynerations (761 Old Norcross Rd. Lawrenceville, GA 30046) .  We are required to have a licensed medical professional in our office when service is provided.  With the support of medical professionals such as you, we can offer women facing unplanned pregnancies free limited ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy, determine gestational age, viability of a pregnancy and much more.

Volunteer Now

Donate your time and support Kingdom work with Whispering Hope.  Serve via providing much needed factual information and health services that will support the opportunity to choose life.  Also share the promise of loving compassion and the Gospel of Christ with us for one 4-hour shift per week.

Medical Shift Coverage
A medical professional is needed at our pregnancy medical center during all hours of operation.  Please consider joining us as a volunteer RN or Nurse Practitioner to ensure the life-affirming services we offer continue to be available and are delivered with the highest medical standards.

If you are an RMDS technician or RN trained in ultrasonography, please help us provide the life-saving image of a mother’s unborn child.  Often this single image saves the baby’s life as the decision to abort is abandoned after viewing.

Please contact Elise Goudy to learn more: 770-889-8302 or egoudy@whisperinghope.org