Opportunities for students

Students who volunteer with us receive credit for service hours and letters of recommendation for serving.  We’d love to have you join us as you work to prepare for future employers and serve the community.


Whispering Hope’s volunteer commitment can easily be worked into a busy college class schedule.  We offer both morning and afternoon shifts.


College-aged women, more than any other age group, are most likely to seek abortions. Most of these women considering an abortion will seek info from a friend or relative. We want women to come to our Pregnancy Medical Clinic first so that we have the opportunity to intersect them in their time of crisis.  In light of these facts, we need advocates to let women on area campuses know that we are a safe place when they think they might be pregnant.

Fund Raising

Fundraising opportunities include baby bottles campaigns, collections for our Mommy Store and serving the clinic through special projects.

Donate a Latte for a Life

For even $5 a month, the cost of a single latte, your support can help women and their unborn children.