We provide medical grade pregnancy tests.

Limited Ultrasounds

We provide windows into the womb that confirm pregnancy viability.



Options Education

The mission of Whispering Hope is to inform and educate each patient seeking information on their options with an unplanned pregnancy. We provide them with abortion facts such as procedures; emotional, mental, spiritual and physical risks; and fetal development. We do not provide nor refer for abortion. What we offer instead are vital statistics and information to help women make an informed decision. After each woman or couple is presented with this information, they will make one of three choices:

  • To choose to parent
  • To choose an adoption plan
  • To choose abortion

As we all hope that each of our patients will choose life, we will rejoice with each and every one that does, but also choose to walk in humility with the woman that will still choose abortion. For the mothers that choose life, we offer a variety of parenting services and programs to help them prepare for raising a child while balancing other life responsibilities.  Other patients discover that an adoption plan is the best decision to make for their baby and themselves.  We have reliable and trustworthy relationships with local Christian adoption agencies to whom we will refer the mother that may want to explore adoption.

Earn While You Learn

Our Earn While You Learn Program at Whispering Hope helps equip new moms with everything they’ll need to know before the baby comes. The goal of our program is to support their emotional, spiritual, and personal growth as well as a healthy pregnancy and birth. Topics that our EWYL classes cover are prenatal care, labor and delivery, nutrition, and breastfeeding. Many of our classes also include parenting and life skill instruction. We work with our participants from the time they learn of their pregnancy until their baby is 18 months. We schedule on a weekly basis, and our format is a group class environment. As a bonus for our participants while they learn, they can also earn Mommy Money and Daddy Dollars for use in our Mommy Store, which is in the Ministry’s Thrift Store, the Bargain Boutique.


Our Pregnancy Medical Clinic also assist clients with physician referrals, Medicaid, and other community resources.

Abortion Recovery

At Whispering Hope we offer a variety of support to help women of all ages along their healing journey from a past abortion. We begin with a 12 week group Bible study, Hope for the Hurting. This study will guide us to freedom from carrying hidden shame and guilt, tearing down walls of denial, addressing the untold truths about abortion, uncovering life patterns that have their roots buried in the deep places of our past choices. This study group is a safe and quiet place to grieve our losses and learn to live in forgiveness.

In addition, we offer a time to get away from familiar routines and responsibilities for a whole weekend by attending a Deeper Still Retreat. While at the retreat you can relax in a beautiful and comfortable setting as you join a small community of women on a similar journey. The focus on a retreat weekend is to reignite your destiny in God.

And finally we offer a memorial service at the National Memorial for the Unborn to bring full closure for you from your past and honor for your child/children.