Over 57 Million abortions in the US alone since 1973

Each year 1.2 million abortions occur in the United States.  That means an abortion takes place every 20 seconds.  In Georgia alone over 28,000 abortions occur each year.  In Forsyth County, approximately 200 babies are being aborted each year.  We firmly believe that life begins at the moment of conception and is ordained by God.  Abortion not only destroys life in the womb; but it also steals peace and hope from those involved.

Our desire is to be a woman’s first choice when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.  At Whispering Hope, we empower women with education and factual information to help them make an informed decision.  We provide a safe, compassionate environment and the Gospel of Christ.


Each day there are women in the US searching the internet for information regarding abortion services.

Our patient website www.whisperinghope.org, is there for teens and women seeking an abortion.  For each woman that reaches out to schedule an appointment with our clinic, we provide a free pregnancy test as well as an introduction to their unborn baby on an ultrasound screen.


At Whispering Hope we complete an options education worksheet with every administered pregnancy test.  We want to ensure the patient has sound information regarding the following:

Abortion Education including fetal development, abortion procedures, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical risks.

Adoption Education supports the consideration of choosing a semi-open or open adoption plan via consultation with adoption agency specialists.

Parenting Education teaches parenting skills that support the patient’s abilities to provide stability and security for their new family.


We work with participants for the duration of their pregnancy and up to 18 months after birth.  Through our Earn While You Learn Program, parents earn Mommy Money and Daddy Dollars while learning to prepare themselves for parenting and life skills.  Baby supplies, clothing and furniture items are purchased with Mommy Money and Daddy Dollars from our Mommy Store located within our Bargain Boutique Thrift Store.

We also provide support for the 43% of women who have chosen abortion.  Through small post-abortion support groups women experience healing and forgiveness from the heartbreak of past abortion.